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International Management:

My Music Matters Management Triad

Promotion Manager: Kathy Keller

Phone: +31 (0) 6 30094688

Email: [email protected]

Bookings: [email protected]


Noors (formerly known as 'Dynamiske Folketoner'), is a folk duo from Norway playing folk music with an alternative twist. They invite you to an energetic and emotional journey in a warm and loving musical universe. Noors have been touring and playing in many churches, art galleries and cafes in Norway since 2017. Now they are ready to bring this ancient yet modern Nordic music to a place near you. Perhaps you recognize these Artists as they are also founding members of the Norwegian folk band, FAULK.

Lyricist/Singer Per- Oeivind Johannessen is no stranger to the stage. Per is well known as a singer-songwriter in Norway with his warm lead vocals not only as solo-artist, but also with FAULK, and now Noors.

Composer and guitarist Michael Krumins moved to the Netherlands, but maintains an active presence in Norway touring with FAULK, and Noors. He is also the guitarist for progressive metal band, Green Carnation, jazz duo Gruchot/Krumins, Noors and other projects.

We look forward to bringing this duo over to the Netherlands and beyond. To book this duo contact: [email protected]

Photos: Finn Rune Christiansen

Press Photos send request to:

[email protected]