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About - My Music Matters Management Triad

Meet your muse...

Biography: Kathy Keller/Owner!

Kathy Keller is a Music Journalist who lives in the Netherlands. A combination of continuing education endeavors such as: Cambridge and International Baccalaureate English, London School of Journalism, and Adelphi Business College, (with focus on business management, marketing & advertising), and teaching English courses in Mass Media & Social Media Marketing set the foundation for My Music Matters-MT. To quote Keller when she entered into the music business in 2015: 'With my diverse education background, and lets not forget my excellent taste in music, it appears that I have the exact blend of skills needed to work in entertainment industry.' My Music Matters Management Triad began as a platform for artists to learn self promotion and improve their English skills.

'What an exciting adventure it has been so far. Thank you to everyone who helped to make these years in business a success. All dreams are realized by daring to take that first step. Thank you to our Artists who dared to join us, and for continued support. x Kat 


We offer a full range of Promotion management services. The main function of a promotion manager is to increase your visibility and connect you with other music industry professionals needed to boost your career. As of May 15, 2017 (exactly on our two year anniversary), together with all Folk genre Artists, we took a leap of faith, and an independent record label for Folk genre Artists was born. Although this required hyper-focus on Folk Artists, we still welcome all genres at My Music Matters-MT. You will notice that we are real people with a passion for music and artists. Our promotion management services and record label listen to our Artists! Let us know what you need.

Our Promise to You...

Whether you are a band, solo artist; full time artist or hobbyist; you want people to buy your music and book you for gigs, concerts and festivals. Lets get together and toss around ideas. Free consultations!

My Music Matters, because your music matters

It all began as a music journalist... If you enjoy reading interviews about your favorite musicians, check out interviews with our clients and other world famous musicians! Articles resume 2018! Click here. 

LINKS: Celtic Friends & Media Associates

THANKS to our Photographer friends! Check out their photos of our Artists!

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DB Event Photography (Don Bakhuizen)

Kees Stravers Photography (Kees )

Peter Heijnen Photography (Peter)

Sound Art Design (Henk Bol)

AE-Fantasy Design (Alyssa Bol)

+many, many more! Thank you!

THANKS Radio/Podcast Friends!

Check out our Artists on their sites!

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CeltCast (Netherlands)

Goed Folk Radio (Netherlands)

Folky Wave (Netherlands/Canada)

Delft Stads Radio (Netherlands)

Paddy Rock Radio (USA)

Prog Core Radio (Canada)

+ many, many more! Thank you!